Saturday, July 28, 2012


salam peeps
dah masuk hari ke lapan puasa kan
cepat sangat masa berlalu
a lot of things happen before that
things that i never imagine would be

Officially i'm back to single
yes i am...hmm..never thought this will going to be happening again..
same story just like 2 years back...just a different person..
but it's ok...alhamdulillah lepas heartbreak rezeki Allah bagi mencurah-curah..
walau setiap perkara yang buat kita sedih pasti ada kegembiraan yang Allah bagi 
bila tu tak tau..cuma Allah yang tau masa terbaik untuk kita dapat kegembiraan tu..

Actually i'm still hoping..
But people said move deserve someone better..
Time will heal everything
I just want to stop searching for Mr. Right for a while..
I want to improve myself to be someone much better..
I'm happy with what i have right now...
supporting family and friends..

*this is my heal but the scar still there*


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