Thursday, November 19, 2009

♥♥home+sleep+fb+ym = holiday...yeay♥♥

first of all...greetings to all of u
haha..since my last update last august now

hee..finished my exam already..praying for good...
dear GOD please let me pass all the subject...

totally forgotten bout my blog since i'm very addicted to FB..gosh FB really give big influence to life will not complete if i do no open my fb...*exaggerate*
~~~want to know why??~~~
bcoz my cafe just open up and need more attention from visit my cafe world ya...*wink..wink* new menu being serve to won't regret it...i'm totally sure...*come..come*

...enough bout fB...
moving on with my new life after having a heartbroken couple of months ago~now i live happily with my new life~new me~new replacement of dat j**k~haha..oppsss...*cover up my mouth wit my hand*~happy enough to make me smile and enjoy my life right now~


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