Wednesday, February 2, 2011

extremely happy~

today i feel extremely happy

keep smiling all day..haha
want to know why?
because my beloved family come here
to kota damansara to visit me..yeay...
we're planning to go for a trip
but still not sure where to go since our last was to
go to JOHOR...but unfortunately the state was having flood
this is my first family visit after a year they didn't come here
to see my practical training place and my rented flat..=)

i pick up my handphne and there is a message
received from MOM 
mom: pkul brape kluar?
me: pkul 5..umi kat mane dah?dah sampai dah ke?
mom: dah sampai dah nak ronda-ronda sat...bye baby..

out from office...
punch card...
straight to the car..
in front office
me: wasn't that dad's car..
mom came out from the car
and straight away walk to me...
i keep smiling when i saw mom
mom hug me tightly
like we never met ages

seriously i'm lucky to have u mom...
because u love me so much
there's no mom like u
u're supermom

i'm lucky to have my family..
we're always together no matter what
i luv them 

mom and dad

bro and me


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