Saturday, February 19, 2011

my 14 minutes survey

saya di tag oleh cik comot yang comel lgi cute..heeins
cik comot tag saya untuk buat survey ni...baru first time
kena tag wat survey ni..okeh..jom tengok survey di bawah..jom2.. =)

instruction : once you are tagged, answer the question honestLy. No Lying or cheating ok ? once you are tagged, answer the question honestLy. No Lying or cheating ok ?
starting time : 9.17 a.m *pagi2 da jwb survey..bagus betol tau..hehe*
name : batrish *bukan nama sebenar hanya nama commercial...macam artis lak kan..hehe*
brother(s) : redza
eye coLour :  cokelat gelap *tp teringin nak tukar jd grey..boley tak..hee*
shoe size : size kasut lak 6/7 dpend on keselesaan kasut..
hair : rambut saya kaler hitam..hehe
piercing : telinga je wat masa ni..hehe
height : 154 cm *saya rendah ohh*
what are you wearing right now : tshirt beli kat downtown dgn sluar jeans *lepas ni nak keluar harap maklum ye..hee*
where do u Live : rumah sewa di KD
favourite number : saya sgt suke 7 dan 5...
favourite drink : fresh orange please...^_^
favourite month : i love may *my birrthday la this month*
favourite breakfast : takde yg favourite kot..saya makan je ape yg ade di depan mata..haha


broken a bone : alhamdulillah tak penah..and tak pon...takut2..
been in a poLice car : tidak sama sekali
faLLen for a friend : pernah kot...masa skolah rendah dulu darjah 6..hehe..
faLLen for a guy / girL for a short time : crush penah la..hee
swam in the ocean : saya tak pandai berenang..haha
broken someone's heart : ermm...penah..and i feel bad so sorry ok...
cried when someone's died : atok...
sat by the phone aLL night waiting for someone caLL : penah..last2 sampai tertdo tunggu...
saved e-maiL : banyak sgt kot..
been cheated : yes...and i hate HIM...liarrr...


your room Look a Like : light green *sejuk je macam warna daun2..hehe*
what is right beside you : handphones of coz
what is the Last thing you ate :  roti kering je...sob..sob


the Last person you teLL : zira kot..last night ckp dgn die..
who was the Last person you danced with : a few days ago...alone...hehe
who Last made you smiLe : saya slalu senyum...tu favourite saya..hehe


what are you Listening right now : sindarella by amylea
what did you do today: erm... blogging...and ponteng keje...shhhh~
are you the oLdest : yup.. =) 
indoors or outdoors : both 


taLk to someone you Like : belum lg..die tak bangun lagi kot...
kiss someone : kiss my teddy..hehe
sing : yes...for fun =D
taLk to an ex : penah..but i buat2 tak layan je...haha
miss someone : always...hurm
eat : pagi ni blom breakfast lg...


you taLked on the phone to : my abg..last night...
made u cry : my abg jugak..sbb miss him so much
you went to the maLL with : with my fren...abg so jauh nak jumpe..huu 
who cheered you up : my abg also... =D

have a crush on someone : used da lme la...
what books are you reading right now : no books..haha
best feeLing in the worLd : bila 
future kids name : owh..kena bgtau ke.rahsia je la..*blush*
do you sLeep with stuffed animaL : of Course..nme die Mr Jako...hadiah abg bagi..hee
what's under your bed : stokin kot..haha *pengotor betol*
favourite sport : jarang bersukan..hehe
favourite pLace : shopping mall place ever..
do you have a job : currently tgh praktikal ni...maybe lepas ni terus keje...
what time is it now : 9.39 a.m *opps terlebih pulak*

with however Long it took you to compLete this,
post as "my 14 minutes survey" and tag 15 peopLe...



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