Friday, March 4, 2011

i just love yet elegent

okeh tadi kate penat sampai boleh tido mana2 je..
tiba2 boleh pualk buat another post..hehe
kena jugak wat post ni..nak share this with u all...
pasal interview later i update..too long to story mory lorr...=D

who i love?
her name is Shea Syahirah
pernah dengar nama dia?
or known as Shea Rasol
i bet people know her...
for those who don't know
click this link...My Amethyst
i just love her style...
she's an industrial design student...

this is her

look at her style..simple but elegent isn't it..

i like this one..still gorgeous eventhough she wear baggy jeans =)

i love this one..jumpsuit that she'swearing suit her well =D

so peeps..if want to know more about her just visit her blog...
Shea  <----- click here ya =D


3 yang komen mengomen:

shea said...

thank you so much batrish!! <3
it's indeed a sweet post about me...muah muah!

~batrish♥~ said...

u welcome shea..just want to share with others bout u..muah..=D

nonaa nelson said...

Now I felt love with her style :)


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