Monday, March 28, 2011

Just The Way You Are by Maddi Jane

hey check this out..
Song by Bruno Mars sang by Maddi Jane...
her voice is quite similar to Najwa Latif?
don't u think so?

she's cute...and talented for sure =)
if u notice she change a bit of the lyrics her to he (^_^)



4 yang komen mengomen:

CahayaCintaIlahi said...

huhu aah suara die sdp + comey tp kureng popular sikit ;)

~batrish♥~ said...

ha'a..tu la kurang popular tp sdap suara die...cute plak tu...=)

RR said...

beautiful voice. ♥♥♥

~batrish♥~ said...

RR : yes i agree =)


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