Tuesday, May 26, 2009

~things turning upside down~

have u ever feel once u feel very happy there's still an unpleasent feeling deep inside u saying it will not last forever...yea it surely true...nothing will last forever right..
have u ever been betray by ur love ones?it hurts does it..it sure do..
feeling like ur heart had been smash by a truck..haha..surely in critical condition...
as usual i'm trying to overcome this thing..luckily i'm strong enough this time...
i think i'm growing up la...eventhough my heart hurt i still can act things were the same
am i getting matured? maybe...i'm already 21 this year..have to be matured right?
i'm big enough to control what i feel right? people always said that experience does make us grow up...i'm not crying...i don't want to..but still i cry..cause it hurt..but that does not mean i'm giving up..there always HIM..that i can rely on...only HIM know me..


3 yang komen mengomen:

hans said...

only him know u?

- a l i n - said...

dear,,cheer up! dont let anything ever make u dont deserve what you want ;)

~batrish♥~ said...

hans: HIM = god
alin: thanx alin..:)


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